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Biker Style

Making most of the sun! Autumn is now here and its starting to get colder here in the London. Leather jackets are perfect to wear when it starts getting a little colder, its not going to make you super hot when out and doing a lot of walking around running errands etc.. Leather jackets takes that chill off. I styled up this jacket with some cycling shorts these are super comfy to wear, now when they first started to be trendy I was not so sure about them!! now I love them! They are so nice with over sized jumpers and t-shirts and you can also dress them up..a nice white shirt and sandal heels of an evening!! Yesss I love that look! If you are not sure what goes with them, I like to go on google and type in Cycling short outfit ideas and it can give you some inspo or even going on Instagram and typing in Hashtag: Cycling shorts/ biker shorts.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

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Welcome to my blog page.

It was a steal..

I simply love this dress that I found on Nastygal. I think I paid around £15 for it. Yes thats right.. £15!

It was a steal and it looks so elegant. If you are going to a special event or even a wedding get your hands on this! Nasty gal have some great steals at good prices. The clothing is all on trend and has something special for everyone.


Layering outfits…

I love to layer outfits, it is very big right now in the fashion industry to layer outfit and I think its super cute in the autumn and winter. Don’t be scared to be a bit out there with your outfits. If you think something looks great then own it, express your art and creativity, It brings out your personality and fashion should be fun. I like to style up outfits that look edgy and chic at the same time. Here in the photos I am wearing a two piece and layered it by wearing a white clean simple blouse underneath.

Maniere de voir.

I have recently found a cool new trendy clothing website, It has a sporty but chic vibe to it. The dress shown in the pictures is perfect for a night out if you want to look edgy but still sexy. I dressed this with heels for a day out look this will go great with a pair white trainers/sneakers.

Pink Action Shoot

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Ghost Riding on the Van

A refurbished van in a field of grains. Lacinia dolore tempora, potenti aptent diamlorem incididunt pretium eu cras diam? Facere quod similique ea. Totam, perspiciatis? Mollit saepe necessitatibus cillum ipsa ultrices, corporis sapiente quas ut. Photos by Daria Shevtsova.